[2014.03.14] Gallery Auto Life China & World

Just some auto related random photo’s in the world


March 12, 2014, Handan City, Hebei Province, a man with a 119,300 yuan coins trying to buy a car. It is understood that the man engaged in small food wholesale business, he accumulated a lot of small changes. Bank coins were counted, of which there are 103,000 one yuan notes, 16,3000 one yuan coins.
And yes, he bought the car. Pretty good service of the bank.


NEVS Saab 9-3 Aero

Saab today is partly owned by a Chinese company, but the heart of the brand is Swedish.


3月13日,海军陆战队员投掷发烟罐开辟通道。当日,海军陆战队在位于塞北大漠的某训练基地,与北京军区某旅实兵对抗演练全面展开,这是海军陆战队首次进行城市攻防对抗演练,也是首次成建制赴寒区开展跨军种实兵对抗演练。新华社记者 查春明 摄