SAIC Maxus G10 MPV

Two engines:
2.4L 105KW
2.0Turbo 165KW

This MPV to be on sale in May 2014, price $34,000.

The SAIC Motor Maxus, a subsidiary of SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co Ltd, rolled out its MPVG10 commercial vehicle at the Auto Guangzhou show, on Nov 21, along with its V80 family of vehicles, including a 2014 deluxe model, 2014 logistics model, 2014 special purpose model, and Maxus business vehicle, with the Maxus V80 series attracting a lot of attention. SAIC Motor Maxus organized a special road show for the MPVG10, a landmark vehicle. To better meet the needs of the MPV market and its various customers,and diversify and improve its product line, the company uses innovation to push changes in the industry, and uses leading technology and competitive products to rise up in the business and increase its market share and provide the best products and services.

At the upper end, the MPV market is currently dominated by joint-venture brands and both the upper and lower ends of that market are well-developed and, in fact, saturated, but the enormous mid-market area has generally been ignored, with no particular brand dominating. Now, as the market economy and customer demand grow, there is an urgent need for economical, efficient, comfortable MPVs that are suited to business. And SAIC Motor Maxus has seen this business opportunity and has responded by developing a new MPV model that meets a range of market demands.

Maxus is a commercial vehicle marque owned by SAIC Motor Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd., itself a wholly owned subsidiary of SAIC Motor. It was launched in March 2011.



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