Lada has produced 28 millions cars

Party time for Lada. 28 million Lada’s have been made since 1966.

Lada is a trademark of Russian car manufacturer AvtoVAZ based in Tolyatti, Samara Oblast. It was originally the export brand for models sold under the Zhiguli name in the domestic Soviet market after June 1966.

Lada cars became popular in Russia and Eastern Europe during the last two decades of the Soviet era, particularly in former Soviet bloc countries, where they became a symbol of city life.

The original Lada was widely exported in sedan and station-wagon versions, and with over 20 million units sold before production finally ended in mid-2012, it had become the highest-selling automobile to be produced without major design change.

The Lada badge depicts a Viking sailing ship.

Lada Granta, with Putin at the wheel

Suv Lada C Concept

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