CF Moto 650NK: China’s first full-sized motorcycle

ah yeah man of course its a powerful and trustworthy bike!!!

I’ve had mine somewhere between 190-210 at top end, cant tell for sure the speedo’s a bit dodgey. No sprocket change. 0-110 is about 4-5 secs and I way 90kg. Its a beast.

Excellent bike. Nice bike. I purchased the same model in January 2015 – black colour.

Just finished the break in period on mine and i’m absolutely Loving it! …. fantastic bike for the money and not a single problem… (touch wood)

g’day mate, I’ve had my 650NK for 17 months now and have done almost 12,000k/m. I’ve had only 2 warranty issues with it, had an oil seal go and was weeping oil from around the water pump and had to get the tacho/speedo assembly changed as something broke in there. Other than that I’ve had a blast on the thing (have the LAMS version).

Featuring a modern design, a pretty upright riding position and a potent engine the CFMoto 650 NK is ready to deliver first class performance each time you want to have some fun on two wheels.

They say: “Meet China’s first full-sized motorcycle.”
We say: “Comparable quality for less cash.”

The NK could well be a game changer.
The 650 NK is great for consumers, but unfortunate for competing Asian and European manufacturers.
The NK is the first motorcycle to come out of China with an engine larger than 250cc.
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2014款650NK全面上市 售价39800元


CF Moto 650NK (Chinese Sportbike) Test

in NZ the CB500F is ~$10995 and this bike is ~$7990

Done 7800kms on my 650NK in NZ and no problems so far.

I have fall in love with this bike since I make my on study on this bike and dicide to sale of my Kawasaki KLX 250.

30k milege done. . .awesome bike bro!!

Looks OK. I know the Chinese CAN do it. I used their mode airplane motors in the past and they were excellent. Powerful, durable and great in every way; quite as good as their Japanese equivalents.

The Chinese often gets a bad reputation by exporting poor products first. The Japanese did this in the 50’s and it took them a while to get recognised as the fine engineers that they are. The best Chinese stuff is excellent, and these bikes look good. We will see how they hold up over time… :-)

awesome , I’m also thinking of getting one , all the reviews seems good (I checked a lot ) BTW I am South Africa so will be Paying R55 000 for it , dont know how much is that in NZDollor . But anyway enjoy the bike







2013 CF Moto 650 NK 10,000km detailed review

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Cool bike

cf moto 650nk matte black

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