Mexico Auto Sales: 1.07 million units

In 2013 1.07 million new cars are sold in Mexico.
Mexico produced 2.93 million cars in 2013.
Mexico exported 2.42 million autos in 2013, mainly to USA.

Population: 118,818,228 (July 2013 est.)
GDP – per capita (PPP): $15,400 (2012 est.)


Mexican Auto Production Hit Record in 2013

Mexico is the fourth-biggest auto exporter in the world

MEXICO CITY—Mexico posted a fourth consecutive year of record auto production and exports in 2013 as global auto makers continued to invest in new plants and capacity due to the revival of the U.S. market, an industry group said Wednesday.

Production of cars and light trucks rose 1.7% from 2012 to 2.93 million units, the Mexican Auto Industry Association, or AMIA said. Exports rose 2.9% to 2.42 million autos, of which about 70% were sent to the U.S.

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