Total 417.036 are sold in The Netherlands in 2013.

In total car sales in 2013 amounted to 417 036 pieces. In December, a number of 39,163 units was recorded, thanks to the final sprint in the end it is still “better than expected”. The prognosis of the fact Bovag was 480,000 units in 2013, but that proved a little too optimistic. Later this was also revised to 410,000 units, which is realistic shown.

Volkswagen wins

For 10 years in a row is Volkswagen’s best-selling brand in the Netherlands, a koppossitie which they took over in 2003 after 36 (!) Years of Opel. Renault finishes in second place, Ford third. The only brands that saw increased sales in 2013 were Volvo, Mitsubishi, Dacia, Tesla and Jaguar.

Sales of new vans ended at 50,571 units, 10.5 percent less than in 2012.

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