GWM sold 754,000 cars and employs 70,000 people

Great Wall Motors is ambitious, targeting 1.5 million new cars sales in 2015.

GWM net profit in 2013 reached 1.4 billion USD.

长城去年净利超82亿 今年拟扩招10%员工


Great Wall Motor Express released 2013 annual results, 2013 operating income of 56.784 billion yuan, an increase of 31.57%, net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 8.267 billion yuan, an increase of 45.24%, earnings per share of 2.72 yuan.


Great Wall Motor manpower shortage and insufficient capacity in the case in 2013, the year still achieved 754,000 cumulative sales, up 21%, sales performance ranked first place in domestic brands.


Great Wall Motor sales increase was mainly due to the large SUV models sold. Statistics show that from January to December 2013, the Great Wall of 754,242 total vehicle sales, an increase of 21%. Which, SUV total sales reached 417,400, up 48.47% surge; cumulative sales of pickups, cars were 126,800, 210,000, respectively, year on year increase of 8%, 2%. Hover SUV brand which is growing rapidly, the annual total sales of 417,000.

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