Millionairs in the World 2013

BCG calculates millionaires by their investable assets excluding a primary residence or business. In 2012, the US had the most millionaire households, with 5.9 million, followed by Japan with 1.5 million and China with 1.3 million. The United Kingdom had the fourth-most millionaire households (509,000), followed by Switzerland (395,000), Canada (373,000), Germany (362,000), Taiwan (312,000), Italy (274,000) and France (256,000). Hong Kong was 11th (231,000), Russia 13th (180,000) and India 15th (164,000).

China’s millionaires multiply

Asia Attracts Wealth as China’s Richest to Eclipse Japan

Asian wealth outside Japan rose 14 percent to $28 trillion in 2012 and will surpass North America by 2017, according to the report. China will leapfrog Japan to become the world’s second-wealthiest nation by that date and is projected to have more millionaire households than its Asian neighbor by the end of December, Boston Consulting said.

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