Nigeria is a huge country with population of 174 millions, the World’s seventh as population.

GDP – real growth rate: 6.3% (2012 est.)
GDP – per capita (PPP): $2,800 (2012 est.)

Domestic car market sales in 2004 were at 44.000 units and in the last decade have not progressed. The all-time record volume was fixed in 2011 when the market exceeded the 50.000 units for the first time, landing at 51.300.

In 2012, the market was back down by 5% to 48.490 registrations.

Toyota dominates the competition thanks to its powerful line up of pick-ups and SUV. In 2012 Toyota sold 19.755 units with a share of 40.7%, improving over 10 points from 2011.

Huge potential for the Nigerian car market in coming years.


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