China’s AC313 – Asia’s largest helicopter for civilian use

The AC313 an updated design based on the earlier Harbin Z-8, itself a development of the Aérospatiale Super Frelon. The general designer of AC313 is Mr. Xu Chaoliang (徐朝梁), and the deputy general designer of AC313 is Mr. Li Jiayun (李家云). The prototype first flew at Jingdezhen, Jiangxi on 18 March 2010. It is designed to carry 27 passengers, has a reported maximum range of 900 kilometres, and a maximum payload of 13.8 tonnes.

Asia’s largest helicopter for civilian use get certification

It weights 13 tons with three powerful turboshaft engines.

In 2013:
Helicopters from France, Russia, the United States and Italy account for a large share of China’s helicopter market. The France-based Eurocopter Group took 40 percent of China’s civil helicopter market share after it exported more than 160 helicopters to China. The Anglo-Italian helicopter company Agusta Westland claimed 90 percent of China’s police and public security market when it got an order for 30 helicopters this August.

Industry insiders said the sector will develop more rapidly as the government attaches more importance to the improvement of public services, as this will require more helicopters for public security, forest fire prevention and medical aid.





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