in April 11, SAIC will be officially released to the family of Roewe brand new flagship model. This foothold in the Global E, global strategic platform for the high-end flagship product of the naming will be continuation of the Roewe brand family of products naming, from the family car the Roewe 350, digital car Rong Wei 550, to the elegant public business of the Roewe 750, this model will be powered by a 3.0L V6 the TGI and 2.4LTGI intelligent cylinder, direct injection engine. 3.0L has the same level with the displacement of the maximum power of 190KW and torque 296N.M get the best engine output into the high-end public and business markets, according to official sources formally named Roewe 950, it will refresh the world-class quality own brand flagship model of the new image.

As a sign of China’s auto industry, Shanghai Automotive have is the first volume manufacturing cars of the modern enterprise is also the first domestic joint venture enterprises of manufacturing cars in the shortest possible time quickly grown into the largest auto group in the domestic . This is a spirit, a kind of adhere to a belief.
Six years ago, China’s first high-end car brands – Roewe officially started, adhering to the World “,” high starting point, the international “, nurturing the competitiveness of Shanghai Automotive system. This time will launch the most mature technology, high-class car flagship model of the Roewe 950, which is a representative of the national will, on behalf of the global repairer technology trends, and on behalf of the flagship model of national cultural beliefs.

to Western science and technology intelligence, a combination of Oriental elegance tolerance, one beyond the self, to redefine the industry standard. The launch of the Roewe 950 body dimensions 4996 * 1857 * 1502mm, the wheelbase is 2837mm, plenty of space to create a business atmosphere of the chief executive car. Coupled with the high-tech configuration and spatial experience, more than the ride comfort and steady handling the perfect balance of ups and downs, more forward-thinking into the way smooth sailing.
It is understood that the Roewe 950 will target consumers lock in the state-owned large enterprises, stable and mature private enterprises and other senior officers, for those who pay attention to quality in their daily lives, with mature values, can calmly deal with a variety of changes in social environment and challenges internally and externally to business people, their career has been successful, not rigidly adhere to the material needs, seeking spiritual and faith of the stick will be the reasons for selection of the vehicle and one “public business car.