Noted as an “IGF Kickboxing Rules” match, Bob Sapp went down in less than two minutes on the Giant “Taizen” Chinese Man this past weekend.

Sapp fell victim to a huge upper left hook from the chinese giant in his debut as a kickboxer. Whether or not this was a work or not, god only knows, but the match was the subject of much fury as well as much excitement. Japanese fans totally love the giant fighters and of course their love is never lost for Bob Sapp. Just over 3000 people were in the Tokyo Dome Hall to watch the quick KO go down.

中国泰山日本扬国威 KO美国怪兽后举起美女庆祝

近日,日本东京巨蛋竞技场,2013日本自由搏击格斗竞技擂台赛GENOME24举行。身高2米10,有“中国巨人”称号的中国散打选手 “泰山”郭建军,首次出场日本赛事,他对战的对手,是美国“怪兽”鲍伯 萨普(Bob Sapp),鲍伯 萨普,1974年9月22日出生于美国科罗拉多州科罗拉多斯普林斯,是美国拳击运动员、美式足球运动员影视演员。他2003年开始出战日本搏击赛,受到日本观众和粉丝的喜爱。在规定的3分3回合的搏击赛中,郭建军凭着体力、年轻和技术优势,在一开始试探了萨普的实力后,出动出击,几下钢腿、几记铁拳,便将萨普打倒在地,裁判还没有数到“10”,萨普示意败仗,倒在地上迟迟没有站起来。宣布胜利后的“泰山”左右两手抱起举办美女,喜笑颜开。


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