How much does a normal car factory worker make per month in China.

SUMMARY of the Chinese Auto Workers Annual Income:

    In general, Chinese companies work 8 hours per day, 5 days a week. Most car companies are state-owned companies, which follow strictly the national law.
    There are two kinds of car manufactures, one is so called Joint Ventures (50% foregin, 50% Chinese), another is domestic Chinese brands car makers.
    In general, a Chinese worker’s annual income contains two parts: one is the salary, another is the national festival bonus and year end bonus. Those combined bonus is normally 2 to 3 times the yearly salary, some car companies even give 24 month extra salary as the year end bonus.
    The monthly salary in a joint venture car maker, is about 5,000 RMB (800 USD), the annual income (including all the bonus) of a normal worker in a joint venture car maker is so roughly 70,000 RMB (11,000 USD).
    The monthly salary in a Chinese brand maker, is about 2,500 RMB (400 USD), the annual income (including all the bonus) of a normal worker in a joint venture car maker is so roughly 35,000 RMB (6,000 USD).
    Considering the fact that foods and most other common articles are much less expensive than in for example America or Europe, we can roughly say that a Chinese car worker’s annual income is about 10,000 USD to 20,000 USD (in purchasing power parity).

RMB=People’s Money=Chinese Yuan


Following are some figures from some of the car makers:

SAIC Automobile:
About 5,000 RMB, 800 USD / month.

FAW Automobile:
Average 3,000, 500 USD / month.

DongFeng Automobile:
4000 RMB, 700 USD /month
For engineers, 8000 RMB, 1200 USD / month

Chery Automobile:
A fresh new worker at assembly line makes about 2,500 RMB (400 USD).
Some Chinese info from 2009

GuangZhou Honda:
Joint Venture. A fresh graduate makes about 4,000 RMB (600 USD) in the first year.
Normally the company pays out 18 month salary in a year (which means 6 month salary as bonus).