How much does a normal car factory worker make per month in China.

SUMMARY of the Chinese Auto Workers Annual Income:

By counting Chinese worker’s annual income, don’t forget the bonuses that can be as large as several months’ basic pay. By some car companies, the bonuses are reaching a whole year’s salary.

And, the auto workers barely pay any tax, so if they make us$1,000 per month, then this $1,000 is net income.

Also, the cost of living is cheaper in China.

Chinese auto workers work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, as national standard.


Following are some figures from some of the car makers:

2013 data:

SAIC Automobile:
About 5,000 RMB, 800 USD / month.

FAW Automobile:
Average 3,000, 500 USD / month.

DongFeng Automobile:
4000 RMB, 700 USD /month
For engineers, 8000 RMB, 1200 USD / month

Chery Automobile:
A fresh new worker at assembly line makes about 2,500 RMB (400 USD).
Some Chinese info from 2009

GuangZhou Honda:
Joint Venture. A fresh graduate makes about 4,000 RMB (600 USD) in the first year.
Normally the company pays out 18 month salary in a year (which means 6 month salary as bonus).