The Check Engine or Service Engine Soon light or an icon resembling the engine is called, in technical terms, the Malfunction Indicator Light or MIL. The MIL light comes on when your vehicle’s computer detects a fault that can affect your vehicle’s fuel economy and the exhaust emissions. There is no button to reset the Check Engine light, but if the fault that caused it doesn’t happen again, the light will turn off by itself. If the MIL light stays on, have the problem checked out, because in some cases, the problem could get worse if not repaired in time. Think of the Check Engine light as an early warning sign. ==> not always big problem there.

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My “Check engine” light has come up, but there is no code and no diagnostic message on the screen. The light is solid, not flashing. No I have not yet had access to a code reader. — any normal garage can handle this…its likley safe to drive but getting the code is important in finding the root of the problem. the check engine light comes on when the on-board computer detects a fault in engine driveability or performance, transmission control system or transmission, or the emissions system, and a fault code is set and stored in the computer. Faults that… Read more »