For a small car company, half million units is not bad.

Jianghuai Automobile released its final sales report for 2012 today, (Chinese) reported. The Anhui-based manufacturer sold a total of 448,800 vehicles and chassis over the year, 3.78 percent less than 2011’s total sales result.

Sales of various JAC vehicle types all fell from 2011 to 2012. Sedan sales decreased 5.25 percent from 145,920 units to 138,264 units, minivan sales decreased 9.19 percent from 59,455 units to 53,989 units, SRV sales decreased 18.81 percent from 11,157 units to 9,058 units and pickup truck sales decreased 2.61 percent from 224,356 units to 218,493 units. Chassis and engine sales fell 2.06 percent and 4.15 percent, respectively.

The total number of JAC vehicles and chassis manufactured also decreased from 2012 to 2011. Total production numbers for the year totaled 438,718 units, compared to 456,986 units in 2011.

Despite its lackluster cumulative performance over the year, JAC did very well in the month of December. The manufacturer’s total automobile and chassis sales for the month totaled 37,800 units, representing strong year-on-year growth of 52 percent. Looking at individual vehicle types, JAC sold 16,501 sedans, 4,156 minivans, 833 SRVs and 14,163 pickup trucks. Those figures were 83.79 percent, 29.39 percent, 362.78 percent and 28.63 percent higher than corresponding figures from December 2011, respectively. JAC’s chassis and engine sales grew 27.59 percent and 66.04 percent over the month, with respective totals of 1,919 units and 21,235 units sold. Production numbers also increased over the month.


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