Brilliance Automotive has set a sales target of 750,000 vehicles for 2013, Economic Observer News reported today. The manufacturer’s chief goal will be making sure sales performance of its own brand Zhonghua sedans are strong this year.

Brilliance sold a total of 671,617 vehicles in 2012, 18.45 percent more than it sold the previous year. The manufacturer placed seventh in the list of top selling own brand enterprises, a rank higher than in 2011. Brilliance is the Liaoning’s first 100 billion yuan ($15.89b) company.

Brilliance’s subsidiaries, Jinbei and Zhonghua, as well as its engine production program, all reported positive sales growth over the year. Among them, a total of 152,000 Zhonghua sedans were sold in 2012, equivalent to year-on-year growth of 13.4 percent. Sales of the Zhonghua H530 (pictured) and V5 were especially strong.

Brilliance’s total business returns for 2012 totaled 106 billion yuan ($16.85b). The figure represented year-on-year growth of 21.1 percent, far above the industry average.

In addition to its own brand operations, Brilliance possesses a successful joint venture with BMW.


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