This Porsche driver can only be stopped by a policy gun. He tried hard to run away with his fast car but is well aware that a bullet is faster, so maybe he is not really drunk.

The Porsche driver is punished with 12 points, driving license gone, and half year not allowed to touch the car.

Whole story:

Drink and drive to want to escape retrograde

  A Sir drew forced to stop Porsche

  The incident this morning Liede Avenue section of the Pearl River New City

  Yangcheng Evening News reporter Huang Wei Jun photo coverage: early this morning, a man driving a luxury car encountered traffic police vehicle in the Pearl River New City, attempted to make a U-turn retrograde to evade police checks, site traffic police on duty schematically parking invalid, a police decisive pistols vehicles forced to stop. The man alcohol tests show that for drink driving. The companion said can not think of domestic investigation of drunk driving investigation so strict.

  2 o’clock this morning Liede Avenue in Pearl River New City, Guangzhou traffic police the Tianhe brigade the police action to combat drunk driving check cars at night. A scorcher from the brown-red Porsche about 100 meters in front of the point in the search vehicles screeching halt, the traffic police on duty to indicate its allowed to enter search vehicles District accepts checks, Porsche suddenly accelerated reversing field traffic police quickly stepped forward to intercept, but Porsche is not the slightest Parking meaning ready to retrograde to leave. To avoid accidents, the scene of a police decisive point the driver pulled out a pistol, forced the car to stop.

  Subsequently, driving men out of the cab, one the intense alcohol for the scene all understand why he had to be reversing retrograde. The traffic police the man carried an alcohol test, the test results show 71mg/100ml, the case of drink driving. When he knows he will be impounded driver’s license for 6 months, recorded 12 time-sharing was very remorseful.

  The man’s companions claimed to be living in a foreign country for a long time, foreign police check cars, and if the driver fails to stop, the police will shoot. He said she now check wine driving investigation so strict.


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