2012.12.15: Today a Chinese report says that Geely is well considering taking over 100% control of the London Taxi maker Manganese Bronze.

中国经营报12月15日报道 “圣诞节后,或许会有消息!”12月3日,吉利汽车(00175.HK)一位不愿透露姓名的高管对《中国经营报》记者表示:“在英国锰铜(MNGS.L)进入破产清算之后,吉利汽车已经做出全资收购英国锰铜的计划方案。”



Maker of London black taxis had not turned a profit since 2007

Geely, which also owns the much larger Swedish carmaker Volvo, was unwilling to do this on terms the company could reasonably repay.

“Geely’s decision not to step in to rescue them is likely based on the financial risk that doing so would entail,” said Bill Russo, president of Synergistics, an auto consultancy in Beijing.

Yang Xueliang, Geely’s chief public relations officer, said that production of the black cabs in Shanghai would not be suspended.

“We believe the brand, with a long history, good reputation and unique positioning as a professional cab, still has great market potential,” he said.


2006年 吉利正式控股英国锰铜控股公司

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