Ukraine ranked 13 in Europe over new car sales in 2011.

But since Crimean Crisis, new car sales went sharply down.

2011: 280,000 new car sales

2017: 82,330 new car sales

Population: 45 million

Complete List of Car Brands Sales in Ukraine 2012

20 January 2012

Ukraine ranked 13 in Europe over new car sales

Ukraine has ranked 13 in Europe in terms of sales of new cars in 2011. The Ukrainian car market grew in volume by 35.7% compared with the results of 2010, AUTO-Consulting company said in an analytical report.

“However, even this increase in sales has not allowed the Ukrainian car market to move significantly in the European rankings. At the end of last year, our country took the “happy” 13th place in sales ranking. At the same time Ukraine is ahead of the Czech Republic, Denmark, Portugal, Norway, Finland, Greece, and climbed two points compared with 2010,” the company’s experts said.

Leading positions in the ranking of 2011 are held by Germany (3,173,634 cars sold), Russia (2,653,408), France (2,204,229), the UK (1,941,253), Italy (1,748,143), Spain (808,059), Belgium (572,211), the Netherlands (556,123).

“According to preliminary estimates of the majority of operators, in 2012 Ukraine has little chance of improving its position in the European arena, because it has to sell nearly 280,000 cars. Hypothetically, Ukraine has a chance to get ahead in terms of sold cars Poland, Sweden and Switzerland, and even to take 10 place, but only if the rapid growth of our market continues, against the backdrop of stagnation or decline of nearest neighbors. Such a scenario is unlikely so far,” AUTO-Consulting predicts.

Notably, the best results in terms of sales the Ukrainian car market reached in 2008 – 7th place in Europe with 643,000 cars sold.