The all-new 2013 Lexus ES was recently spotted in China. It looks like the luxury Japanese automaker will follow in its newly released GS footsteps with more aggressive styling in its entry-level model.

Pricing is expected to remain right around $37,000. Look for full pricing and specification details this April when the car debuts at the Beijing Auto Show, with an expected 2013 Lexus ES release date right around August 2012.


雷克萨斯ES250入门版价格是35.9万元,作为一款豪华中级轿车来说是相当有诱惑力的,而且还享有4年或10万公里免费保修保养,如果选择油电混合动力的ES300h(入门39.9万元)保修年限还能放宽到6年15万公里,在价格方面有很强的优势。奔驰E、宝马5系与奥迪A6L作为ES 的直接竞争对手除了在品牌价值与后排空间方面有优势以外,雷克萨斯ES显得更实惠一些,更重要的是ES的服务年限更长,后期费用也要低很多。


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