Jinbei is a brand from Brilliance Auto famous for its minivans and small buses, the S30 is Jibei’s first passenger car.

The only SUV Brilliance Auto brings to the show, Jinbei S30 makes its debut and readies for release in this summer. Benefiting from Jinbei’s experience in building low-cost MPVs and mini buses, the compact crossover SUV is expected to be priced competitively around 70,000 Yuan.

While some describes it as Brilliance’s first attempt to break into the SUV market, the S30 is actually the second sport utility model from Jinbei, a division of Brilliance, preceded by the midsize “Badao/Prado.”

The powertrain features a 1.5-liter VVT engine (4A15) rated 75kW/5500-6000rpm and 135Nm/4000-4600rpm, which can be found on Brilliance M2 FRV.

价格: 5.98~6.78 万元 上市时间: 2012年 最新年款: 2013款

和旧款相比,2013款华晨金杯智尚S30新增了1.5L MT豪华型车型,新增款型价格在时尚型与精英型之间,较时尚型增加了2000元。豪华型较时尚型增加了镀铬门把手、电动后视镜、多功能真皮方向盘、CD音响,其驾驶座椅由四向调节升级为六向调节,前气囊也从一个升级为两个。