“Multi-purpose commercial cabin” Chang’an Honor is launched


价格: 4.49~6.09 万元


To advance in the market of new commercial vehicles and lead a new pattern, Chang’an Automobile’s first strategic mode on the new multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) platform Chang’an Honor is officially launched. Honor spokesperson, the famous director and performing artist Zhang Guoli, together with hundreds of well-known media representatives and Chang’an Automobile sales elites gathered at Honor Launch Ceremony. In an atmosphere permeated with the spirit of new commercial era, they jointly witnessed a milestone of Chang’an to enter the new commercial vehicle market. Honor launched a total of six models of two displacements 1.5L and 1.3L.

Chang’an Automobile said Honor is positioned as a “multi-purpose commercial cabin” and its launch will open up a new market segment for the commercial vehicle market in China. Zhang Baolin, president of Chang’an Automobile introduced that Chang’an commercial brand has formed a clear blueprint for development that will gradually build and perfect a new MPV platform. The platform will take advantage of global intelligence and R & D resources with more advanced vehicle manufacturing technology, higher standards of quality and a richer product genealogy to help Chang’an expand a wider commercial vehicle market.

Advancing in the commercial vehicle market Honor opens up a new blue ocean

With China’s continuous economic development and acceleration of modernization, small and micro-enterprises have been growing rapidly. Chang’an Automobile after research of the car needs of small micro-enterprises find that large commercial vehicles clearly can not meet the car needs of small micro-enterprises and they need one MPV that is able to meet their business travel and hospitality, family travel and leisure and takes into account the low-cost use. Located at “a multi-purpose commercial cabin” Honor fully meets the needs of such emerging business customers as small micro-enterprises for one car with multiple purposes. Honor is as comfortable and decent as passenger cars, as big and versatile as MPV and as capable and maneuverable as SUV, and also has such advantages as the use as a mini-van and low cost.

Coming for new commercial vehicle market Honor adheres to international quality of new commercial vehicles. Honor is created by top experts from around the world and nearly a thousand engineering elites within Chang’an R & D system, whose design concept, production equipment, manufacturing process and quality standards and so on have reached the international advanced level.

The global supply system and world-class production process ensures Honor’s globally recognized quality and product consistency. Of Honor parts suppliers, there is no lack of well-known brands such as Delphi, Bosch and OSRAM. Its Osram headlight has a service life 800 hours longer than normal headlights. In addition, Honor’s main body steel structure is made by one-time stamping; the 1.5mm body manufacturing precision engineering ensures that the body is not deformed despite travel of 100,000 km. Honor parts supply system’s internationalization and high precision requirements for body manufacturing process is evident.

“The deluxe six-in-one” highlights people-oriented new business philosophy

As Chang’an Automobile’s first strategic model to enter the new commercial vehicle market, Honor has six core strengths: a fashion style, large space, front-engine and rear-wheel drive layout (FR), easiness to control, efficient dynamics and long warranty, highlight Honor’s unique positioning as “a multi-purpose commercial cabin”.

The stylish, tough and grand appearance conveys to users a commercially enterprising spirit and decency. As Chang’an Automobile’s strategic model to enter the new commercial vehicle market, Chang’an designers with their originality design for Honor an image of a tough style. For example, the front contour is full and three-dimensional; waist lines are novel and straight, filled with new commercially enterprising spirit and echoing with the owner’s identity; the interiors are elegant, comfortable and high-class: the center console is deep gray in upper part and light gray downer, decorated with elegant mahogany pattern, filled with a good taste; the seats are excellently encapsulated, showing nuanced and considerate ergonomics, making Honor comparable to sedans, so that the owner enjoys dignity.

Honor has a super large space to meet the needs of users for multi-purpose vehicles. Honor’s length is 4360mm, width 1685 mm high, height 1820 mm. It can realize a use space of 3500L, equivalent to the sum of trunks of seven economic cars, Honor like many high-end commercial vehicles use rear body design to provide users with the best space solution. Honor also designs up to 14 storage spaces and nine kinds of seat combination, which provide consumers with a more flexible combination of space.

The FR balanced design allows each passenger to get more comfortable and smooth experience. Honor applies European mature commercial vehicle development concept, using FR design, which compared with front-engine, front-wheel drive layout (FF) with front and real gravity and axle load evenly distributed allows Honor to have a good handling stability and comfort ride; and compared with middle-engine, rear-wheel drive layout (MR) this drive model allows the engine to be farther away from the occupants, effectively reducing the noise and vibration inside the cabin. Honor idle noise is 42 dB, making you feel like sitting in a quiet room. At the speed of 80Km per hour noise inside is 68 db, same with the general voices of talk. Integrated with leading technology and efficient dynamics, Honor allows users to drive free on the road to new business philosophy.

Honor is equipped with high-performance C-series engine known as the “best small displacement engine” in 2009. The engine has a design of all-aluminum lightweight body structure, characterized with high power, high torque and low fuel consumption and its power per liter, torque and fuel consumption values ​​have reached the international advanced level. Honor is also equipped with Mitsubishi 1.5L engine and VVT technology to generate more power and less fuel consumption, meeting customers’ demand for economic use.

Honor has sensitive and excellent handling characteristics, easy to manage, so that users can more calmly deal with new commerce. Honor applies electronic power steering (EPS) as a standard configuration, so that Honor owners handle it more easily. EPS allows owners manipulate the car more easily; torsion and bending-resistant strong 3H chassis and the high ground clearance close to urban off-road vehicles meet your car needs on various road conditions.

Long warranty makes users enjoy a more intimate and efficient service. Honor provide the long warranty service for three years (100,000 kilometers), far beyond the country’s newly amended “Three Guarantees” standard, while the 2-year repair at no cost leads to annual savings for the owners of at least 1,000 yuan on repair and maintenance. Chang’an Honor’s long warranty is not only a transcendent, but also an industry-standard reshaping. At the same time, Chang’an has 6200 terminals around the country to provide users with quick intimate services anytime, anywhere.

Chang’an Automobile said that in the creation of Honor, they take consumer needs and interests as priority to make every detail show a people-oriented new business philosophy so as to work together with users to create a new realm of “multi-purpose commerce and more colorful life ”

With the layout of product strategy Chang’an forges ahead on commercial vehicle market

“Chang’an commercial vehicle brand has established a good reputation for technology and quality among our customers. Since the debut at Guangzhou Auto Show in November last year, Honor in Chang’an sale terminals has set off an ordering tide. For just three months, Honor orders nationwide have already exceeded 100,000 units. “Chang’an Automobile said, “This proves that Honor’s design and quality has been recognized by the market, which enhances Honor confidence to win a wider market.”

Honor has opened a new chapter for Chang’an commercial vehicles. According to reports, following Honor, Chang’an commercial vehicle strategy platform will continue to promote the further realization of the new multi-purpose vehicle strategy. The rich product lines will promote Chang’an commercial vehicle brand to become a truly internationally competitive first-class MPV brand.

Honor is aggressively forging ahead and we together with Honor will witness a more magnificent new commercial era!


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