Geely TX4 taxi, is manufactured by the Geely Automobile’s joint venture Shanghai LTI Automobile Components Co (established by Geely Holding Group and Manganese Bronze Holdings, in which Geely takes up 51% stock, Shanghai Maple accounts for 1%, totally 52% for Geely Holding Group as a controlling shareholder while Manganese Bronze Holdings controls 48% stock).

Manganese Bronze Holdings PLC is an engineering company based in Coventry, England. Once an important conglomerator of British motorcycle marques, since the sale of its components division in 2003 the company has only one operating division—LTI Limited, trading as The London Taxi Company—which manufactures and retails London Black Taxis. The London Taxi Company manufactures London Black Taxis and retails and provides maintenance services for taxis in the major cities of the United Kingdom.

In June 2007 Manganese Bronze Holdings, The London Taxi Company’s parent company, finalised a joint venture with Geely Automobile Holdings Ltd to produce the purpose-built taxi in Shanghai, China. The joint venture company began producing the London Taxi in April 2009 following a successful launch at the Shanghai Auto Show. The vehicle is for sale not only in China but is also exported all over the world by The London Taxi Company. Production in Coventry to the UK market remains and benefits from the supply of lower cost components from China. LTI rebranded to The London Taxi Company in 2010.
Electric taxi

Chinese carmaker Geely Automobile has been in talks over the possibility of converting London’s black cabs into electric-powered cars. The company, owns a stake in black London taxi-maker Manganese Bronze, says it has held talks with UK government officials about the plan.

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