This young man wants to buy a mini bus of price 29,800 yuan ($4,500), and he moved out of two cardboard boxes from the car, inside filled with 400 bundles of fifty cents notes. The sales staff say whether it is the whole money or coins, they have an obligation to provide services. And he got his new car


For this

The whole story:

Customers Wang carrying 400 bundles of five cents to come buy a car salesman Haas Tyre and three colleagues counted more than five hours to count. Count the money, Haas Tyre fingers stiff have to hold on to pen, dizziness, he said: “It’s money hand cramps ah!” Mr. Wang said that the change is saved selling ice cream, he went to the nearby Bank change the whole money, but the staff too change too much do not want to handle.

Haas Tyre sold two years car, the first number of money a few hand cramps, “Mr. Wang of the customer to mention the 400 bundles of five cents to buy a car he and three colleagues counted more than five hours before count.

23 11 o’clock, this looks more than 30-year-old male customer, came the Sai Bote Motor City 内哈斯提尔 where dealerships optimistic about a 29,800-Wuling mini-van, to pay him to move out from the opening to the interior two length, width, and height, respectively, approximately 50 cm × 30 cm × 40 cm cardboard box on the ground.

Haas said of Tyre, the customer opens the box, his hands hold the box down down five cents a bunch of bundled up scattered on the ground, he and colleagues Dengyuan the eyes, open mouth speechless.

Car sales staff joke, he two years to sell hundreds of cars, and customers with a bundle of fur money to buy a car, or first met. His hands holding purchase procedures, standing still at the customer know what to do, good for a while, to react to the manager “.

Shop sales manager Wang Wenjing is the first time encountered this situation, she thinks as a service industry, customers get the money to buy a car, whether it is the whole money or coins, they have an obligation to provide services. Thus, the arrangement of four staff an inventory of the money, a total of 400 bundles.

The customer said Mr. Wang, the money has been counted several times, each bundle of 50 yuan, 20,000 yuan, “can not go wrong. Subsequently, paid 9800 yuan for the whole money, by the staff to handle the formalities.

For why to bring Lingchao buy a car, Mr. Wang told Wang Wenjing, in seven near the Gulf of cold drinks wholesale business for many years, an ice cream to sell a few cents, the family has saved a lot of change, have not been to get the bank to exchange recently He wanted to buy a car while carrying two boxes of coins to a nearby bank to exchange the entire money, the staff too change too much do not want to handle, and he had to mention the money. He is also very helpless.

The day 13 am, the Wenjing Haas Tyre and the other sales staff with Lingchao came to Suzhou Road Agricultural Bank. The two car salesmen and bank two staff down on the table and began to count.

Suzhou Road Agricultural Bank staff said they often encounter people with a lot of change to apply to change the entire money business, generally accepted, and does not charge a fee, such as Mr. Wang first met.

The staff member recalled 400 bundle Ling Chao, each bundle of mostly five cents, also mixed with a small part of a dime, five cents a side sanding the four men, a few twice, 5 more than an hour before counting the money, a total of two million.

Count the money, Haas Tyre fingers stiff have to hold on to pen, dizziness, he said: “It’s money hand cramps!













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