Geely brought two small suv to the Beijing Auto Show, the GLEagle GX5 and GP5. It ain’t just a suv mind, it is a ‘YUV’, which stand for ‘Young’s SUV’. The GX5 and GP5 are ‘Small Sized Classic Style YUV’s’. All according to Geely’s press release. Inventing a new class and immediately have a classic, Geely can do. Size: 3813x1762x1670, wheelbase is 2370. Geely lists two engines, a bit unusual for a concept so the G’s might make it into production, we like. Engines a 95kw 1.3 Turbo (!) and a 78.5kw 1.5. The 1.3T has a 6 speed manual. Red car is the GP5.

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