China’s Chang’an Automobile Group revealed to the media that in order to get rid of its low-end brand image for poor quality and low price, Changan Group has decided to make an own brand high-end vehicle.

It is reported that the incoming high-end model is an extension of the current Changan brand, but its operation mode will be different. General manager assistant of Changan Group told the reporter that the high-end model will use a new logo and its market position will be higher than the Benni, Alsvin and even SAIC’s Roewe 550.

Xu Liu ping, president of Changan Group said that not only will the high-end brand boost Changan’s existing brand image, but will cement its position as the first car camp at home.

Changan Group had a fast expansion last year due to the restructuring of Aviation Industry Corperation of China and a JV with Peugeot Citroen. Despite of which, Changan Group expressed that developing self-owned brand is its first priority.

Changan Motor has established R&D institutions in Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing, Harbin, Jiangxi, Turin (Italy) and Yokohama (Japan).

Xu said that Changan Motor aims to sell three million vehicles in 2015, and in 2020, that figure will be five million units.



长安逸动正式上市 售价为7.39-9.49万

先期上市的逸动将搭载“BLUE CORE”系列的1.6L发动机,最大功率为92kW/6000rpm,峰值扭矩为160Nm/4000-5000rpm,从参数上看在同级产品中算得上是非常出色的了。与之匹配的是5速手动或4速自动变速箱。

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