[DF-5B] Nuclear Weapons



It’s very easy to get the rough information of how many nuke warheads China currently has:

  • First nuke in 1964
  • Undergrounds Great Wall hosts at least 30 to 50 DF-5B launch wells, each DF-5B with 10 warheads, that means already 300 to 500 warheads, let’s take the average: 400 warheads
  • DF-41 already in service 3 years, if every month build only 1 DF-41, which has 10 warheads, that’s already 12*10*3= 300+ warheads
  • DF-31A already in service for many years, also multi warheads per missile, let’s say only 30 DF-31A, and only 4 warheads per missile, that’s already 30*4=100+ warheads
  • SSBN-094: 4 SSBN 094, each has 12 JL-2 missile, each missile can have up to 8 warheads, let’s assume only 4 warheads per missile, total is already 12*4*4= around 200 warheads
  • SSBN-096: no confirmation yet in active service, but should be already in service or very very soon, it’s JL-3 is much more powerful than JL-2. Let’s don’t count this sub yet.
  • So total PLA already should have in active service:
    • 400+300+100+200 = 1,000 active warheads
  • And there are also reserve warheads, let’s say just 200
  • So, total PLA should have at least already 1,200 warheads per 2020
  • And count in China’s massive manufacturing power, to build up 3,000 nuclear warheads is such a simple thing for China.
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Yeah sure, just need get prepared for the worst case

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